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Welcome to the Kathy Mattea Fan Club website!

My name is Sue Phelps. I'm a wife, mother and most importantly, a grandmother of 3.5 adorable grandchildren. We all live happily on Planet Utah. By day, I'm a librarian. At night and on weekends, I turn into a fan club president.....I've been a fan of Kathy Mattea since 1987 when a random dial-turning radio experience turned me into a crazy person/diehard Kathyfan for life. In January 2002, I was asked to take over the reins of the Kathy Mattea Fan Club. This club was begun in 1988 at a time when Kathy was kicking down the doors of country music with hits like 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses and Where've You Been. Like Kathy herself, we are still going strong....hopefully meeting the needs of Kathy's growing, diverse and very, very loyal fan base.

The Internet forever changed Fan Clubs. Most transitioned to Online Fan Clubs years ago to take advantage of the technology that allowed them to run more efficiently and economically. We were late to the party, thinking that the "traditional" fan club offered more personal service to everyone...not just those with computers. But printing and postage costs have made the changes inevitable.

Here's the dilemma: I have never been comfortable with the idea that it should cost money to be a fan. However, fan clubs have expenses. Taking this Fan Club online has significantly reduced those expenses. Now, I'd like to offer membership AND the contents of this website FREE to all those who are interested in keeping up with Kathy and her career. In effect, I am "marrying" two large groups: those fans who have been members of the Fan Club for years & those who have never joined, but always loved Kathy's work.

If you will follow the link (below), I'll try to explain in more detail how this will work.

All the best...


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